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Mission and Method

My mission is to help communities, nonprofit organizations, donors and volunteers attain their fundraising, communications and public relations goals in the most efficient, thoughtful, and high quality manner possible.

I am a one-person company and with rare exception, I do most all fundraising campaign design and implementation myself. Early in my career in Dallas, I worked for six months with a large consulting firm, but it was not for me. I value my own experience and insights, and I respect my hard-working nonprofit colleagues in the trenches. I understand what they are up against when it comes to running an office while simultaneously attaining substantial goals. I decided to work as an independent.

As a certified nonprofit executive since 2004 (based in Austin, Texas), and continuously re-certified, my work is documented by CFRE International. I conduct work across the state and beyond. Over the course of my career, I have lived in cities across Texas and I am familiar with its many unique philanthropic communities.

How I Do It

Some are surprised I do most all work by hand. I have learned to “do more with less” in part by:

  • Thinking smart;
  • Using new technologies (when and where appropriate);
  • Staffing donors, volunteers and executives thoughtfully and fully to enable significant donations to be secured from their colleagues (as they are most comfortable); and by
  • Making use of existing resources wisely.

While many believe major gift campaigns require an army of staff, I do not. Large financial goals do not also mean large numbers of people, either on staff or in terms of numbers of donors. Most successful campaigns on which I have worked attain their goals through thoughtful, highly-tailored cultivation and solicitation of a relatively modest number of carefully identified, committed donors capable of making major gift donations.

Tackling Challenges

I have become known for being able to clean-up “challenged” campaigns where quite a bit was spent on large, supposedly full-service consulting firms that were ultimately unsuccessful. In that regard, I have been a “turnaround” fundraiser on more than one occasion. I have been asked to work with – or without – staff.

In my experience, success depends upon careful evaluation, rolling-up one’s sleeves to do real work, courage and believing in a good cause, and not employing a “preset” consultant’s format. Each nonprofit is unique! One can learn from prior campaigns, of course, but major gift and special project efforts succeed best when the plan of action and its implementation are tailored specifically to the nonprofit.

Last but not least, I do entertain requests from for-profit businesses, governments and professional associations for assistance with social media, public relations and other tasks, where there is a good match in terms of skills and interests.

Thank you for visiting!


I have a good friend with a company called, Non Profit Solutions Consulting (NPSC). Click to reach the website. We have worked together prior to forming our separate companies, and we are always looking for good excuses to team-up “for good” again.

My professional associations of choice are NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network and Certified Fund Raising Executive International (CFRE). From my days in graduate school, I have been a continuous member of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.

I am also an affiliate of Bloomerang. Follow the link to learn how you can improve your donor retention.

A Word About Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has become another effective way to attain large financial goals. While I am not a crowdfunding expert, I have contributed to several campaigns, I keep myself informed about them, and I maintain a library of information about crowdfunding on Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog. In truth, well-organized crowdfunding campaigns are similar to traditional fundraising campaigns. Caution advised: there is no quick way to raise significant funding, whether you seek small gifts from an army of donors, or a few large donations from a carefully selected group.

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