Sunflowers have always been a favorite of mine. Click on the photo to reach my Pinterest profile, and a board devoted entirely to sunflowers.

Sunflowers are a favorite of mine. Click on the photo to reach my Pinterest profile, and a board devoted entirely to sunflowers.

My mission is to help communities, nonprofit organizations, donors and volunteers attain their fundraising, social media communications and public relations goals in the most efficient, thoughtful, and high quality manner possible.

I am a one-person company. As a certified nonprofit executive since 2004 (based in Austin, Texas), and continuously recertified, my work is thoroughly documented by CFRE International. I conduct work across the state (and beyond).

Some are surprised I do most all work by hand. I have learned to “do more with less” in part by thinking smart, using new technologies (when appropriate), staffing donors and executives closely to enable significant donations to be secured thoughtfully from colleagues, and by making use of existing resources wisely. I talk less and do more. I have cleaned-up “challenged” campaigns where quite a bit was spent on large, supposedly full-service consulting firms that were ultimately unsuccessful. In that regard, I have been a “turnaround” fundraiser on more than one occasion.

In my experience, success depends upon careful evaluation, rolling-up one’s sleeves to do real work, courage, and not employing a “pre-set” consultant’s format. Each nonprofit is unique! One can learn from prior campaigns, of course, but major gift and special project efforts succeed best when the plan of action and its implementation are tailored specifically to the nonprofit.

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Bloomerang Display at AFP DFW Philanthropy in Action 2014

Donor retention continues to be a top concern for nonprofits. Need help? I recommend Bloomerang (click to reach).


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