Click to reach Carolyn's Nonprofit Blog.

Click to reach Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog.

As an experienced, certified nonprofit fundraising executive, my mission is to help nonprofit organizations, donors and volunteers attain their fundraising and public relations goals in the most efficient, thoughtful, and high quality manner possible.

I aim to be both “high tech” and “high touch.” I use new technologies wherever possible to reduce costs, to enhance efficiency, to communicate, and to conduct research. Simultaneously, I use traditional tried-and-true fundraising practices that many would call, “old fashioned.” Virtually all work is done by hand (and secured in “the cloud”).

This website provides information about my professional and¬†volunteer activities. I have been an independent fundraising executive for more than a decade, unaffiliated with other consulting firms and fundraising professionals (sole proprietor). I base my work on many years of experience¬†“in the trenches,” but I also follow the latest trends to keep up-to-date with the times.

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Carolyn M. Appleton, CFRE

Bloomerang Display at AFP DFW Philanthropy in Action 2014

Bloomerang has been very kind to include my musings on its website now and again. Toward that end, I am pleased to share a photo of the company’s display from the AFP DFW Philanthropy in Action 2014 conference. It is a terrific company, affiliated with many of the best in the field of nonprofit fundraising.

~ For a short list of my skills, kindly follow this link:¬†Carolyn’s Skills.

~ I used to post recent publications and presentations on this front page, but I’ve moved them. Follow this link!

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